Vintage Design Basics

Vintage design ideas are now a popular trend because they help make a house a comfortable and warm home. When opting for a vintage-inspired home design, these items should help you achieve an old-world charm – old photos and postcards, monograms, antiques, wicker furniture, and patterned fabrics.

There’s nothing more comforting than snuggling in your favorite comforter and surrounding yourself with all things old and familiar. That’s why vintage design is making a big comeback in the American home. The warm colors and soft surfaces are a welcome change after years of looking at the sleek lines of postmodern homes. Here are some things you can do to bring back some old-school comfort to your home.

Old photos and postcards:  Decorate your wall with a collage of vintage photos or art prints. You can buy them from vintage stores or dig up photos from your old albums. You don’t have to stick to a theme; in fact, random images have a charm all their own. To add interest, look for photos of different sizes and arrange them at different heights or angles.

Monograms:  Work a classic monogram into random items, such as towels, throw pillows, tablecloths, and even bedroom walls. Use neutral colors over pastels for a soft, subtle effect. Some of the popular combinations include coral and pastel pink, beige and ecru, and sage (a pale green-gray color) on olive green. Make it the motif of your room, but don’t overdo it or it’ll look like a brand logo.

Antiques:  Antiques make great vintage pieces because they channel the old while mixing perfectly with the new. Even a single antique piece, such as a weathered oak table, can give your home an instant vintage feel. Don’t look for perfection—the little chips and dents add to the old-school charm of vintage furniture. If furniture is a bit too expensive, go for smaller pieces such as coffee pots and oil paintings.

Wicker furniture:  A wicker chair or chaise lounge can lend a cozy touch to any room. The warm colors and native look make it a great fit for the vintage theme. They’re also very comfortable—wicker has a natural give that conforms to your body for maximum comfort. If you’re using it indoors, use natural fiber wicker. It’s a lot more comfortable and goes well with most types of home décor.

Patterned fabrics:  Textile patterns add a lot of color and texture to your home. Patchwork, paisley, and floral designs all go perfectly with the soft, warm colors of wood furniture. Don’t be afraid to use bold colors; the more colorful your fabric is the better. For a bit of variety, mix solids with patterns. Stitch a patchwork cloth over a plain pillowcase or use a patterned fabric as a wall hanging.