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Labengki, a remote island in Southeast Sulawesi, known for social media


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Labengki Island is one of a group of islands located northeast of the capital city of Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi, Lasalo District, North Konawe Regency. Initially, the island of Labengki was inhabited by a tribe of sea nomads known as the orang Bajo. 

The Bajo tribe is a formidable sea nomad tribe. According to modern research (genetic studies) the ethnogenesis of the Bajo tribe is the result of mixed marriages between the Bugis and Papuans who later inhabited the Bajo island, Morowali Regency, Central Sulawesi.

The beginning is known around the 4th century, then orang Bajo spread south to southeast Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara and arrived in East Kalimantan. They also spread to the north to Sulu Philippines. In its distribution, some of the Bajo tribes settled inhabiting the islands that were in their shipping lanes. 

Currently, Bajo village can be found in the sea waters of Central Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi starting from Kangean, Sapeken island,Labengke islands, Wakatobi islands, Buton islands to the islands in the Flores Sea.

resort accommodation that can be rented by visitors
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One of the islands in southeast sulawesi inhabited by the bajo people is the Labengki Archipelago. Like most of the islands in eastern Indonesia, Labengki island has clear seawater characteristics plus a large stretch of atolls and coral reefs. Another characteristic of islands in Eastern Indonesia is usually a group of islands consisting of one or two main islands, surrounded by small mainland islands, coral islands or sand dunes.

In the last few years the Labengki Islands have been visited by many adventurous tourists who like challenges, and now many tourists who are interested in the underwater world are coming to visit Labengki. Previously, Labengki Island was only occupied by Bajo families, the rest of Labengke became a stopover place for fishermen or fishermen who took shelter from the raging storms.

Outside visitors do require a fairly tiring effort to get to the mainland of these islands. Sea transport constraints are not always available, and the seasonal waves are high is one of the reasons. The islands in the waters of Labengki waters are not too crowded with visitors, the positive impact is that the land and surrounding waters are still natural and beautiful until now.

Labengke island position on a map

Recently the flow of social media information has made the island region famous even abroad so that more people want to come there. The increasing interest in visiting the Labengki islands, there have been responses from local entrepreneurs, they build a fleet so transportation facilities and accommodation facilities are increasingly available on the mainland of the islands.


On a cruise by ship to Labengki island, if you are lucky, you will be able to see a herd of dolphins accompanying the ship they can usually be seen appearing on the sea surface when the weather is clear and the sea is not too choppy. Apart from dolphins, sometimes whales can be seen appearing in these waters, which is not surprising considering that the waterway to the east of Sulawesi is directly connected to the Banda Sea and the Maluku Sea, which are the gateways to the Pacific Ocean.

Before the ship arrives at the jetty from a distance, you will see the shadow of the island of Labengki with white sand and coastal forest in the background which will make you fascinated by the beauty of this group of islands. If you are coming independently for the first time, it will be an unforgettable memory.  Because there are several small islands there, you need a small boat to visit them, visiting tourist and dive spots because some of them are on separate islands so .

Diving Spots

For those of you who like diving, there are many scuba diving spots or just snorkeling, scattered around the main island of Labengki, several diving spots are located on other separate islands.

diving spots in Labangke
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On the mainland of the island, you can witness the daily activities of the Bajo people (especially on Gulf of Love is south to Labengki) and interact with those who will receive you in a friendly manner.

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