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Mount Bromo that amazes tourists(The Magic)

Bromo mountains with crater, caldera and savanna landscapes


Mount Bromo is a type of volcano that is still active, meaning that at any time this mountain can erupt spewing lava. Bromo in the language of the Tengger tribe read Brama, the name is  Hindu respect for the main god, namely Brahma, this mountain has another name, namely the Tengger Caldera,

Located in East Java Province, the foothills of Mount Boromo are embedded in four regencies, namely: in the north of Pasuruan Regency, in the south of Lumajang Regency, in the east of Probolinggo Regency, and the west of Malang Regency. Included in the Bromo Tengger-Semeru National Park area, Mount Bromo has a height of 2,329m above sea level.                                                           

 At the top of Mount Bromo there is a crater, the crater has a stretch from north to south along 800m and a stretch from east to west along 600m. Around the Bromo crater lies a caldera or sea of ​​​​sand which covers an area of ​​​​10,000,000 M².

Although there are 4 mountains around Mount Bromo, Mount Bromo is more popular because of its crater and caldera. Four mountains surround Bromo, namely: Mount Widodaren, Mount Batok, Mount Pananjakan, and Mount Munggal. Mount Panajakan and Mount Widodaren are known because there is an observation post to see the view towards Bromo and a place to watch the sunrise.

 II. What experience will you get by visiting Bromo.

1. Bromo Crater

The history of Bromo in the last century is still an active volcano. Until now Bromo has experienced several eruptions, the eruptions that occurred in 1974 were the largest. Even though they have the same label as a volcano, the eruption vomit differs from one mountain to another, such as Bromo, the results of which are gravel, sand, and ash material. After the 1974 eruption, Bromo's volcanic activity subsided and erupted again in 2011 and last July 19, 2019, although only a small eruption.

2. Sunrise View

One of the goals of tourists visiting Bromo is to see the earliest sunrise. If you also come to Bromo to watch the sunrise then you have to consider the season and the weather is very important so that you get the view as you expect.

The splendor of the sunrise view can only be seen if the weather is sunny, if the weather is cloudy or rainy, the sunrise view will be blocked. There are several spots to be able to watch the sunrise, some of which are:

A. Panajakan 1

Panajakan is the name of one of the mountains from the group of mountains included in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Mount Pananjakan is always crowded with tourists who want to see the structure of Mount Bromo, especially the view toward the crater. This spot is considered the best because the position of this mountain is higher than Mount Bromo, the highest point on Mount Panajakan is 2,770 m above sea level. To reach the Panajakan 1 observation post, visitors can go through the door in Wonokitri village, Pasuruan Regency.


The Bromo landscape seen from Pananjakan1
 seen from Panajakan1/ Ayu Azanella

B. Pananjakan2 Seruni Point

This spot view is still on the same Mount Panajakan, only the sunrise observation post is on the slopes of Panajakan at an altitude of 2,436 m above sea level. It is named the Seruni observation post because it is located in the Seruni Hamlet, Ngadisari village, Sukapura sub-district, Probolinggo district.

From this Seruni post, the view of Mount Batok, Bromo crater, and the peak of Mount Semeru are in one line. In addition to seeing Mount Bromo from a height, (yes, because this post is higher than Bromo) the tourists in Pananjakan also come to watch the sunrise.

To reach the sunrise spot Seruni Point, the closest location is from the Bromo entrance at Cemoro Lawang, Probolinggo.


Bromo landscape seen from Seruni point
Seen from Seruni / wikan prasetya

From this observation post during the day explorers can see the Bromo crater, views of the Bromo sand sea caldera, and several other spots.

C. Kingkong Hill

The King-Kong Hill spot view is located on Mount Pananjakan, the elevations are Pananjakan 1 and Pananjakan2, higher than the Pananjakan 2 view spot. On the slope there is a protruding rock that looks like the head of a king kong, the view spot is located at an altitude of 2,600 meters above sea level although it is lower than Pananjakan1 the point of view towards Bromo is more open.


Bromo landscape seen King kong hill
seen from King kong hill/

It is still included in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park so that the entrance to the King Kong hill path is the same as the entrance that will lead to Pananjakan, namely in the village of Cemoro Lawang. Ngadisari, Sukapura-Probolinggo. From this King-Kong hill, the explorer has a view of the sunrise with the foreground of Mount Batok, Mount Mahameru, and the peak of Mount Semeru.

D. Love Hill

The Bukit Cinta observation post is still located on the same mountain as Pananjakan1 and Pananjakan 2. It is called the hill of love. It is said that this site is where Roro AnTENG met with Joko SeGER, the grandfather and ancestors of the tribes who lived in the Bromo area. call themselves TENGGER people

This observation post was built to accommodate the overflow of visitors to the Pananjakan1 and Pananjakan2 posts when they are too crowded. Located at an altitude of 2,680 meters above sea level, the Bukit Cinta post can be reached through the same entrance as Pananjakan 1 and Pananjakan 2, namely in the village of Wonokitri, Pasuruan or Cemoro Lawang, Probolinggo. The advantage of the Bukit Cinta post is that visitors can see the Milky Way Galaxy in the sky more clearly if the weather is clear.

E. Cemoro Lawang Mentigen Hill

The fifth observation post is in a separate place, which is outside the Pananjakan area, the position of the path that will go to Mentigen near the Ngadisari rest area. The Mentigen Hill Post is located at an altitude of 2,300 meters above sea level with a large enough observation area, so it is convenient if visitors want to camp to unwind while waiting for the sunrise.

The Mentigen observation post is located in the village of Ngadisari, Cemoro Lawang, Probolinggoja Regency, not far from the gate that reads Welcome to Seruni Tourism Object.

This observation area is getting busier at night, explorer activities usually start a little before midnight until the sun rises around 05.00 in the morning. Heading to the observation post can be reached by a combination of 4 wheels, then continue by horse and the last track is reached on foot.


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