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Explore the savanna and Bromo caldera up close (The Magic2)


I.        Savana and Caldera Bromo 

1.    Jemplang Valley Savanna, Bromo

    The natives who inhabit the slopes of the Bromo mountains call the savanna found there the Jemplang Valley. Located on the south side of Mount Bromo, the Jemplang valley from a distance looks green. The green color comes from the grass and fennel trees that grow there. Fennel that grows in the Bromo savanna is a type of spicy fennel, in April at this time the vegetation there is dominated by fennel plants with yellow flowers. Fennel flowers and seeds contain essential oils that give off an aroma similar to telon oil.

Bromo's Savana
Figure 1/Google Map/Burhan Achmad

If you look closely at the top trees, including shrubs with many branches in the form of twigs, at the end of the twigs, fennel flowers usually appear to form groups of yellow flowers. The fennel tree can reach a height of up to 2 meters, the leaves are ribbon-shaped, it is said that this plant is native to Central Asia, Syria, and surrounding areas. The aroma of fennel feels refreshing when you enter the valley in the morning and the aroma of fennel here will be smelled far away by the wind to the sand caldera that stretches in front of it.

In addition to fennel plants, there is also other vegetation with yellow flowers scattered in the Bromo savanna, such as dandelion flowers and wild mustard.

Flower cestrum or local language called Arum Dalu purple flowers are also found growing in the Bromo savanna. Called Arum Dalu because this flower blooms at night, according to information this plant originally came from mainland America, whose flowers are pink.

Bromo's Edelweiss
Image/ wikan prasetya

The Bromo savanna is enriched with white plants seen from a distance, when approached the white flowers come from the Fox Gloves, Girang (elderberry), and Edelweiss groups.

Most of the flower vegetation found in the Bromo savanna is a blended herbal medicine used by residents on the slopes of Tengger.

2.    Bromo sand caldera

Bromo caldera is shaped in the form of a sea of ​​sand with an area of ​​​​10 million m², the sand that fills the Bromo caldera is strongly suspected to come from a volcanic eruption with a fine sand structure of dark gray to blackish color.

Caldera Bromo
Bromo's Caldera/Google Maps 

Five mountains stand there, namely Mount Bromo (2, 329 m), Mount Batok (2,440), Mount Widodaren (2,614 m), Mount Watangan (2,601 m), and Mount Bromo. Mount Kursi (2,581m), all the heights of the mountains are calculated from sea level. Of the five mountains in the Bromo-Tengger complex, Mount Bromo is the only one that still has the status of an active volcanic mountain.

It is said that the Bromo sand sea caldera was formed by complex and complicated volcanic activity thousands of years ago in the Bromo-Tengger area.  

II.            HOW TO GET THERE

There are many choices of transportation modes that you can use, to get to the entrance of each observation post. For those of you who come from outside the city, there are three arrival gates in Surabaya, namely Juanda airport, Gubeng Station, and Bungurasih bus terminal. In choosing the next mode of transport to continue the journey, the three have much in common. In this article, we take an example for those of you who come to Surabaya by plane, meaning that your arrival is through Juanda airport.

We just use the easy way, and for that we use a travel service that will take you to your destination, the location of the entrance to the Mount Bromo observation point is located. First, you can order travel transportation services online via the internet from wherever you are, so when you arrive at Juanda airport, (or at the Gubeng train station) then when you arrive there someone will pick you up as promised.

An option just in case your mood for vacation isn't ruined, for those of you who are just coming to a natural tourist spot alone, you're confused, especially with a large backpack. To avoid unwanted things from people who want to take a chance on your confusion, you should join an open trip from a trip operator that is widely available on the internet.

If your trip is accompanied by 2 or 3 friends, it's good to use travel which you can also order online. By using a travel transportation service, you will be escorted to the entrance/checkpoint to the route you are going to, of course, you must explain this to the trip operator before making payment.

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