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(The Magic 3)


There are four main entrances/check points that direct you to Bromo mountain area or according to the tour plan, namely:

4 WD Transportation
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1. Pasuruan from the north,

Going through this northern route means starting the exploration from Tosari village, Pasuruan. The journey from Tosari village has many inclines, descents, and sharp turns so that it can only be crossed by 4WD four-wheeled vehicles, motorbikes, or on foot. But on foot, you will spend energy and time, because the distance to get to the Bromo caldera is quite far, about 12.7 km, according to Google Maps.

 2. Cemoro Lawang, Probolinggo

Still from the north route, enter through the door of Cemoro Lawang Village which is the starting point to the Bromo area, the distance is quite far, which is about 50 Km from the Probolinggo - Pasuruan highway. In this case, you have to pay attention to whether the travel will take you to the door of Cemoro Lawang or only to the Bayuangga terminal, Probolinggo.

For your information, transportation from the Bayuangga Probolinggo terminal to Cemoro Lawang uses an Elf vehicle with a capacity of 12 passengers, the fare is 700 thousand rupiahs one way. If it turns out that the vehicle departs with 10 passengers, then each passenger is charged a tariff of 700 thousand / 10 = 70 thousand rupiahs per passenger.

3. Via Lumajang City-Senduro Village

Before planning a trip, it's a good idea to know the path to be followed along with rest stops. In this one route, the village of Senduro is the entrance/checkpoint to enter the Mount Bromo tourist area.

If you depart from Lumanajang city terminal (Minak Koncer terminal) to Senduro village using public transportation, the Mitsubishi L-300 minibus costs 20 thousand rupiahs per person. From the entrance/checkpoint in Senduro, you have to change vehicles, only 4WD vehicles or dirt bikes are allowed to go up to the mountain area, then drive towards the Ranu Pane stop post. From Ranu Pane, after a short journey, you will finally reach the Jemplang area in front of jemplang will meet Teletubbies Hills, the Jemplang valley  valey is part of the Bromo savanna area.

Teletubbies hills
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4. From Malang City

Enter Bromo through Malang City, use public transportation to Tumpang village, and continue to the entrance gate in Gubuklakah village/checkpoint. From Gubukklah, continue forward through the uphill and downhill road, continue towards the northeast, and you will arrive at the Jemlang post. Pos Jemplang is the beginning of entering the Bromo savanna.

IV. What should you have to prepare

Jacket, Wool hat, scarf, a glove, highking shoes anti-slip, sleeping bag.

V. Best Visit

Like natural tourism visits in general, sunny weather is something that makes your trip maximum. Therefore planning a trip in the right season is a must, although, on the other hand, you will find your tourist destination will be crowded with other visitors. Nature tourism in the Java area should be done during the dry season, the dry season with little rainfall lasts between mid-July to mid-September.

VI. Aditional information :

  1. The distance from Surabaya to Probolinggo is usually 3-4 hours by using a 4-wheeled vehicle.
  2. The price for renting a 24-hour 4-wheeled vehicle charter from Surabaya is between 600 - 800 thousand rupiah including gasoline and driver.
  3. Hotel lodging rates in the Cemoro Lawang tourist area are 500 thousand rupiahs and above per room./nigh.
  4. Homestay rates 500-800 thousand rupiah per house/night
  5. Rates for 4WD car rental, 500 thousand rupiah for 4 spot visits, picked up at the inn.
  6. Tariff for using horse plus jockey 150 thousand rupiah
  7. Retribution ticket at the checkpoint, local tourists. 35 thousand rupiahs, foreign tourists 320 thousand rupiahs



Have a good sleep in a good and safe place, good quality sleep makes the body fit for the next day exploring new places. So, don't ignore good sleep quality.

Resting in a proper inn in addition to maximizing the quality of your rest is also a place where it is relatively safe to store your valuable belongings, so you don't need to be anxious all the time.

One more thing, preparing for the best doesn't hurt even though for some people it is a tedious job. On the way, in the open area, you can't predict how the weather will change quickly, so you need to prepare a raincoats, warm clothes, umbrellas, emergency medicines, sleeping bags, and several large plastic bags.

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