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How To Get To Labengki Island in Southeast Sulawesi


Several options to go to Labengki Island

There are several options for you to be able to visit the mainland of Labengki Island and visit surrounding islands. It's up to you whether you want to come independently, or want to join an open trip program from a travel operator, of course, each choice has consequences. 

For foreign visitors, the starting point to enter Southeast Sulawesi province is Haluoeleo airport (formerly Wolter Monginsidi airport). For departure ports to the destination island, there are two places, namely one jetty in Sawa village, Kendari, and another jetty in Lasalo village, Lasalo village is on the North Konawe. Each jetty has boat service to Labengki Island.

Labengke tourist passenger boat
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  1.  Go to Labengki independently

This way means that you handle everything related to your travel plans, visit to Labengki Island and other tourist sites are still in the Labengki island group.

If you choose to go the independent way there are several alternative boat jetties, usually there is a boat that will take passengers to Labengk Island. This boat is very simple a type of fishing boat modified to load passengers. 

Please pay attention and remember that transportation is not available 24 hours, usually the boat will depart after the target of several passengers who will join is met.

a. Depart from Kendari City.

  • Coming from Haluoleo airport, Kendari city, then towards Sawa village jetty, still in Kendari city. The distance from the airport to the port of Sawa village is about 45 km.
  • After arriving at the jetty, take the boat that will go to Labengki island (departing from the jetty in Sawa village). The distance from the port of sawa, Kendari to the island of Labengki is approximate 60Km. From this jetty, the boat cruise to Labengki Island takes 5-6 hours, but it really depends on the weather conditions at that time.    


b. Depart from the Port of Lasalo village.

    Coming from Haluoleo airport Kendari, then go to out-of-town transportation terminal is  approximate distance 39 Km.

  • From the Kendari city out-of-town transportation terminal heading to the Polairud port, Lasalo village, Nort Konawe district it takes 1.5 hours.
  • After arriving at the jetty, take the boat departing by boat from Polairud jetty Lasalo to Labengki Island, the estimated distance is 34 Km, usually it takes 2-3 hours depending on the weather.
2. Heading to Labengki by joining the open trip program.

By joining an open trip from a trip operator in the city of Kendari with an online reservation, the main business related to your visit to Labengki island is handled by the trip operator. Some business handled by the operator, such as :

  • Transportation from airport Kendari city. From airport transfer to  to the boat crossing jetty.
  • Boats transportation from Kendari jetty to Labengki island and to other islands listed in the itinerary program. (Please be careful and read carefully the programs offered.
  • Boats transportation to the island's mainland tourist destinations or underwater diving spots. Because Labengki consists of a group of islands that surround it, sea transportation by boat is the only option.
  • Providing lodging for your visiting there, as well as providing food.(There are several fare options that differentiate the facilities)
  • Standard equipment for diving, does NOT include a diving regulator
  • Diving guides
  • For the rest you can ask the operator for the details of the facilities provided before payment is made.

If it's your first time coming to this island, for convenience and to save energy, the author suggests that you should join a tour using an open trip, yes...the name is also the first time you come to visit. Unless you already have an appointment through a friend who has been there it can also be more challenging.


accommodation resort in Labengke
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In the last two years, several guest houses and resorts have been built on Labengki Island that can be rented by island visitors. Previously, visitors who came to Labengki Island stayed at residents' houses that provided homestay facilities. Staying facilities such as homestays, resorts, or guest houses charge varying rates. If you take an open trip program, usually accommodation facilities are included with several tariff options. One more thing you must know, electricity facilities and internet connection are available with limited access.


A tourist trip to Labengki Island requires a fairly tiring effort because you have to change modes of transportation starting from the airport - Kendari City - the jetty in Kendari City or the jetty in Lasalo Village - until arriving at Labengki Island. 

Considering the popularity of Labengki Island is more widely introduced through social media, so the speed of providing public facilities cannot keep up with the speed of social media coverage.

Just so you know, a trip to Labengki Island is not suitable for seniors, unless the person is a diver or explorer who is used to facing natural challenges.

Just for information, hope it helps

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