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Bukit Raya National Park, Kalimantan Explore

 Explore the Nature

I. Kalimantan Island.

The island of Borneo in the world better known as Borneo is the largest in Indonesia. Located in the middle of the sovereign territory of the State of Indonesia at the coordinates of 4°24' North Latitude – 4°10' South Latitude and 108°30' East Longitude – 119° East Longitude.

On the east side of Borneo, there is the Makassar Strait, on the south side there is the Java Sea. On the west lies the Karimata Strait and to the north is the land that is included in the sovereignty of Malaysia, namely the South China Sea.

On this island three states control it, approximately 1/4 of the area of the northern island is owned by the State of Malaysia, including Brunei Darussalam. The other 3/4 part is included in the sovereignty of the Indonesian state, the area of the island of Kalimantan Indonesia is 544,150 KM²

The highest land on this island is Bukit Kakam with an elevation of 2,278m (asl) located in the Bukit Baka-Bukit Raya National Park area. Bukit Baka is included in the territory of the island of West Kalimantan and Bukit Raya is included in the territory of the island of Central Kalimantan

Time Zone Four parts of the island, namely Central Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, North Kalimantan, and South Kalimantan are included in the Central Indonesia Time zone (WIT). Meanwhile, West Kalimantan is included in the West Indonesia time zone (WIB).

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Forest Conservation Area.

This project was built intention of preserving, protecting the authenticity, and preservation of flora and fauna in the area.

Conservation is an anticipatory measure against environmental damage due to excessive forest exploitation, forest fires, area changes for the industry, and settlements that ignore natural preservation.

In general, conservation areas are divided into two types of designations,

1. Nature Reserve Area

Nature reserves are divided into two according to the level and conditions of threats that occur.

a. Nature Reserve, this area in terms of size is relatively small and fragile so it requires relatively high accuracy and firmness with a view to conserving the environment and the original biodata contained in it.

b. Wildlife Sanctuary, this area is relatively larger with a more specific purpose, namely to conserve native wildlife that inhabits the area.

2. Nature Conservation Area

This area has three types of areas, namely:

A. National Parks, covering a very large area with amazing natural authenticity, are managed to preserve the original ecosystems that exist there. The general purpose of constructing the National Park is for nature tourism and scientific research purposes.

B. Nature Tourism Park, built with a smaller scope, usually with a single ecosystem.

C. Grand Forest Park is a conservation forest area that is guarded and protected to maintain and preserve the native flora and fauna found there.

At this time the conservation area can be visited by the public with limited activities accompanied by a trained guide. Visitors must still comply with the rules of maintaining the authenticity, balance, and preservation of nature.

Other activities can be done there such as for research purposes and other similar activities.

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