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Welcome To The Challenge Zone, Enjoy Retirement As A Farmer

Starting with the Light Thing

It doesn't matter whether we want to work in an office or want to work in the field. It doesn't matter how much salary we receive from the employer where we work, it is clear that we feel as if work is drowning us along with the time in it.

When we retire, we just realize, as if waking from sleep "oooh, where am I. How come I feel strange atmosphere". The strange feeling that sparked in the above expression is a reflection of the mood, it must be felt by retirees, it's up to you to admit it or not. Just let the feeling flow naturally .... the important thing is to think positively. 

Retirement as an employee does not mean that we have to stop doing the activities we should work for our employer. Do brain activities and physical activities as usual, but now we are the masters as well as the captains of ourselves. Staying active physically and mentally (mind) will prevent us from "bad moods", or other negative feelings that ultimately make us physically weak, weak because of losing the fire of enthusiasm extinguished by our thoughts.

Retired friends, as long as our lives are still in our bodies, it's not too late to wake up, no matter what the current situation and condition of you are all. Now, you have to start igniting the fire of enthusiasm to produce energy positive in all of you. 

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What should you do: 

1. You must accept the current conditions, that this must be passed in the cycle of life. You have to be sincere, why...because sincerity will remove the burden from the head and chest. I don't need to emphasize by saying that because we are retired, we have to be more diligent in worship. Well, it's an obligation for people to worship, they're not retirees, or they're not teenagers, just that they're mature and sane. Mandatory means "must", and the quality of worship should continue to be improved.

2. Start with small steps, doing light activities around you, such as tidying up the furniture, sweeping the house, cleaning the yard, and watering for flowers. Anyway, you have to start having activities. You don't need to be discouraged if it's a trivial job, but remember that it's part of the process. It's up to you what you want to do after that, it's impossible to do something heavy if you don't start with something light. 

3. If you have a plan to practice an independent business, as is often suggested in retirement seminars, don't be hurry. Remember, now doing anything you have to be more careful, because everything has changed since we received the retirement decree, especially mentally and financially. 

Retired friends, you must consistently do activity number 2 above, for at least 4 months, the longer the better before you start running any business program.

Hopefully useful 

Happy greetings, stay healthy.

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