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Adventures Exploring Nature, Mountains or Exploring Forest, Cultural Tours or Underwater Tours

 Planning a trip makes adventure fun and memorable


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Going on an adventure trip is indeed challenging, there is a kind of curiosity that wants to be resolved. Various interests of adventurers after the C-19 pandemic have returned to life. In Indonesia, several tourist destinations for adventure enthusiasts are available in various types and are spread from west to east of the archipelago, from mountain to the sea.

Several categories of adventure destinations:

  • Flora and fauna forest agrotourism
  • Mountain nature tourism on the island of Java
- Mount Arjuno

- Mount Raung

-  Mountain Kelud

-  Semeru Mountain

-  Mount Selamet

-  Mount Merapi

-  Sumbing Mountain

-  Mount Tangkuban Perahu

-  Mount Papandayan

-  Mount Salak

-  Mount Agung on the island of Bali

-  Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok 

-  Cartenz Peak in Papua

-  Mount Kerinci in Sumatra

-  Mount Meratus in Kalimantan

-  Mount Lampobatang on the island of Sulawesi

  • Cultural and historical-cultural tours of the island of Bali, Lombok island, Nias island, Tana Toraja, and many more.
  • visiting the ancient buildings and relics of the Borobudur temple, Prambanan temple, and dozens of other temple buildings that are scattered.
  • Bunaken underwater tourism in North Sulawesi, Derawan in North Kalimantan, several sites in the Maluku seas, and more

Some people have prepared travel plans long before the D-day, began to collect funds for travel purposes, gather information about the places to be visited, and estimated budget for how long they want to stay there to plan alternative destinations.

It feels like everything has been prepared, but sometimes the little things that are in fact in the field become a problem that can disturb the mood on the trip. Especially if the trip crosses national borders in a foreign environment.

It is better before starting the trip by making a checking list, because of the busy routine work that must be completed before the holidays and various other things, many small but necessary things when traveling are forgotten.

Reflecting on experiences, without a checking list, there are bound to be items that we need at our destination or during the trip that don't get carried away.

Start making lists.

  • The itinerary, the city or country that we are going to visit, starting with the choice of transportation mode, airport, station, and terminal where we first come must be included in the list.
  • In addition to the main destination city, note down what tourist cities you will visit. Find out what modes of transportation are available you can use there.
  • If we come from outside the country of destination, it is better to find out about the following information.

- What language is used

- Applicable currency

- What procedures and required documents are required to enter the territory

-  Find out what months are suitable for tourist visits

Preparing things

  • Travel documents: passport, credit card, debit card, including health insurance card, license, dive, drive, and other required documents should be packaged separately in a waterproof container
  • Body care tools, starting with a shaver for men and some cosmetics for female adventurers, including sunblock and anti-mosquito.
  • Prepare items according to tourist destinations, such as diving gear for those who want to explore underwater tourism or hiking gear for mountain tourism enthusiasts.
  • Cash in dollars and several currencies according to the country of destination if you are a foreign tourist.
  • Medical drugs, commonly used routine drugs, and first aid drugs
  • Laptops, cameras, handphones, and also their equipment if you are a content creator. 
Preparing clothing according to the season when you visit, travel pillows for use on trips. If your visit is planned for a long time, bring shoes (Jogging) that are suitable for use in various events, hats, and sunglasses. Also include a jacket, ideally one that is waterproof as the weather can be unpredictable.

  •  Toiletries. You should have a small bag with essential items such as: toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner, and hair gel as well as deodorant and bath soap
  • Emergency items such as matches, field knives, compact fishing rods

One important thing that is often underestimated is equipping yourself with a GPS-integrated Emergency Alert device. This tool will send a signal to the Emergency service if something happens to you. This tool is also equipped with a blood pressure sensor, heart rate, speed and many steps that have been taken, and other health sensors.

Equipping yourself with this tool makes you feel comfortable in doing adventures and if the situation requires an evacuation team, it is easy to determine the location so that evacuation assistance can be carried out more quickly.

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