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Divice Connected to The 911 Emergency Alert to Anticipate the Risk of Falling in the Elderly


How to Avoid Elderly for Falling Risks 

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This safety step is recommended for the elderly or our elderly families who have a potential risk of falling due to medical disorders or diseases as described in the previous article. 

First, make sure the environment where our elderly live is safe and comfortable, after that pay attention to the things below:

  • Try to keep the elderly in activities using non-skid shoes, not home slippers.
  • Make sure the house occupied by our elderly is safe from conditions and objects that can trigger an accident.
  • Try to provide adequate lighting in the home environment at night covering all stairs and existing rooms including the terrace.
  • The sides or corners of the carpet are tightly fixed to the floor otherwise,  the gap between the carpet and the floor has the potential to become a stumbling block that lead to falls for the elderly.
  • Keep the floor clean of obstructions including cables, small stools, children's toys, etc.
  • Try to have a grip rail in the bathroom and toilet area to hold on to the elderly. Also included on the ladder there are grips.
  • Avoid the elderly who have the risk of falling from doing work by using a bench or ladder as a foothold.
  • Try not to polish the floor with a material that makes the floor surface slippery.
  • Make sure the terraces and paths in the yard have a flat surface and are free from the remnants of piles of material.
  • Discipline to do regular check-ups, the rest for the elderly to remain careful in carrying out activities.
  • It is expected that the active role of the family is to provide assistance to prevent the risk of falling to the maximum.
  • To guard against the possible risk of falling that cannot be predicted, it is wise to equip the Elderly with a Detection Fall sensor device that is attached to the body (necklace or watch bracelet). connected to Emergency Alert 911.

Nowadays, there are many choices of devices in the form of watches that have been tuned to be worn by the elderly. This item is equipped with a Detection Fall Censor, and several other sensors such as blood pressure, pulse, blood oxygen saturation, step count, and GPS. Choose goods of good quality so they are not easily damaged. Some well-known ones that are already available in the market such as : Apple, Samsung, Suunto, Garmin, Lutiband, etc.

For the elderly who can carry out activities without complaints of pain or medical disorders, it is recommended to maintain fitness.

Recommended activities to maintain fitness for the elderly include muscle strengthening, body balance exercises, and cognitive balance.

Fill the time with the aerobic activity that you enjoy the most, maybe walking, maybe tending in the small garden in the house maybe tidying and rearranging flower pots on the porch, swimming or biking. Anyway, activities that involve the movement of the feet, stilts,and hands. For those of you who are without medical barriers, being able to consistently perform aerobic activities for 20 -30m minutes per day is sufficient.

The biggest obstacle is the reluctance to start, you can overcome that obstacle in the first step or two.

Start little by little, motivate yourself, no one else cares more about you than yourself.

20-30 minutes per day if done regularly every day, aerobic activities can maintain muscle strength and flexibility while maintaining the balance of your body. If 20-30 minutes is too tiring for you, you can divide it into 10-15 for one aerobics section, the breaks are interspersed with rest. How much physical activity do older adults need? | Physical Activity | CDC

To maintain cognitive balance you can do it at any time, train it by writing is the best, another option can be filled with reading activities. If there is still time to socialize with peers, socializing is believed to maintain positive emotions and can prevent depression, feelings of alienation, loneliness, and other negative feelings.

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