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The Importance of Knowing and Having Access to Emergency Alert 911 or Similar Services.

 Why the elderly are more prone to falls, Anticipating the causes and treatment .

Along with getting older, the functions and mechanisms of the body quality is decreasing. The decline in these functions and mechanisms has a fatal risk impact on the elderly, one of the risks is falling down.
In young people falling is not a serious thing, but for the elderly, falls can result in fractures. In a state of pain and helplessness, it will be very useful if the sufferer uses a Detected Fall device on his body that is connected to the 911 Emergency Alert service. The device it will be very helpful to send information to be able to get help immediately. 

Knowing some of the causes of falls and their impact on the elderly will greatly help the elderly and their families to be more careful and alert. Some of the reasons why the elderly fall easily are as follows: 

 In many cases falls in the elderly are caused by poor of balance.
  • Loss of balance can occur due to - weak leg and pelvic muscles, muscle weakness occurs because most of the elderly are sedentary. Therefore, the elderly are advised to stay active as much as possible with their awareness. Doing activities that involve the movement of the leg, back and, hand muscles can maintain muscle strength and flexibility. 
  • Stroke conditions in various levels. As it is known that the dysfunction of the leg muscles and pelvic muscles often accompanies a stroke at a certain level. In such conditions, the potential for falling is very possible. Therefore, it is recommended for families to prepare assistance to patients in carrying out activities. 
  • Parkinson's, loss of reflexes, muscle stiffness, tremors, and difficulty controlling movement are symptoms that accompany Parkinson's sufferers. The accompanying symptoms are the potential for falls in sufferers. 
  • Disorders or diseases of the feet. Various types of arthritis, especially arthritis in the lower motion area. The main symptom is severe pain when it moved, pain make it difficult for sufferers to maintain body balance. 
Dizziness and headache. Dizziness is a symptom caused by a disease or medical condition that is not right. Knowing the cause of dizziness is very important so that treatment can be done immediately. For this purpose, visit your doctor for more detailed advice
Some of the diseases that are usually accompanied by dizziness are:
  • Dehydration, which is a lack of fluid intake that is less than what the body needs to process metabolism.
  • Hypoglycemia, which is a lack of sugar in the blood, this can occur in someone who is on medication using insulin.
  • Mineire, the occurrence of disturbances in the middle ear that causes dizziness sensation spinning (vertigo). This health disorder can occur at any age, but the elderly are more susceptible to this kind of health disorder. 
  • Problems with heart, some heart disorders such as arterial fibrillation may cause heart rhythm disturbances, neurocardigenic syncope, heart attack can cause dizziness. 
  • The effects of certain drugs can cause dizziness in some people
  • Memory lost and confusion usually occurs in the elderly who experience senility
  • Vision and hearing problems
Those are some medical conditions that can cause sufferers to experience falls, especially in the elderly. In some cases the sufferer does not know how to avoid the risk of falling and how to act if the fall is unavoidable.

If this happens and you are conscious, stay still and take a few deep breaths. After that, check yourself for the movement of your feet and hands, if you are sure you are not having trouble, get up slowly, before getting up, try to find a firm grip by inching.

If it turns out that you have an injury, or possibly a broken bone, try to make a sound by shouting or hitting something that will attract people's attention. If possible crawl to where you put the phone to call Emergency Alert 911 if you live in USA or other Emergency service number according to which country you are in. Complete list of Global Emergency service numbers

In critical conditions like this, it is important for the elderly to equip themselves with a device that can transmit a Detected Fall signal installed on their body like a watch equipped with a Detected Fall Sensor and GPS that is automatically connected to the 911 Emergency Alert service or another number code according to the country you are in.

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